Ground Beef Recipes

Ground Beef Recipes Reviews & Guide

Just because you are cooking with ground beef, does not mean it has to be unhealthy. Ground beef is just among the most flexible ingredients available to us, but nevertheless, it can sometimes be a struggle to think of new and exciting recipes to make with this. Most the ground beef you find in supermarkets now is loaded with fat, cholesterol and hormones, but a growing number of supermarkets have begun to supply healthy organic meats to consumers, so hopefully you need to be able to discover nutritious ground beef in your region.

Beef is among the simplest proteins to cook because there is no significant health risk if you undercook it unlike chicken and several varieties of poultry. It is one of the best meats that we adore. Then be sure you try to find at least 97% lean ground beef on the next grocery run.

Characteristics of Ground Beef Recipes

The reason why ground beef is so popular is that you can cook a great deal of special dishes to suit all tastes. It’s a extremely popular meat product. It is a fact that regular ground beef is high in unhealthy saturated fats, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t delight in a burger every once in some time.

The 30-Second Trick for Ground Beef Recipes

Lean and extra-lean ground beef is largely employed for Tartare Steak and special diets. It sounds like a simple ingredient, but it can change into a variety of different dishes. While it is certainly not glamorous, it is a cheap and versatile way to feed your loved ones. Bear in mind that the higher the caliber of the meat is, the better ground beef you become.

The Secret to Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef recipes are frequently the backbone of dinner at our home and likely at your residence, also. It’s possible to try out these ground beef recipes that you and your family members will definitely love. Ground beef casserole recipes are great as they are hearty, filling, and easy to make. This ground beef casserole recipe utilizes canned soups to produce the cooking sauce.

The very first thing you ought to do in order to cook something tasty with ground beef is to buy beef. As soon as you cook ground beef, you’ll probably need to remove a number of the fat. Ground beef is just one of the most flexible ingredients on the market, embraced by busy households around the nation. It is among the best usage of beef. It is one of the most economical family friendly meats you can buy. In order to make it more viscose, it is much better to add water it will not make the meat tougher. Most recipes prime it is better to use mid-lean ground beef.

The Secret to Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef is an excellent supply of protein. It’s one ingredient that can help guarantee you’ll stay on budget and feed plenty of people simultaneously, which is ideal for families. If you love keeping ground beef available for quick and simple dinners, then you’re certain to be thrilled by this selection of 18 Easy Ground Beef Recipes. If you Want to make dietary ground beef, select meat with the smallest amount of fat.

Ground Beef Recipes


  • 1 lb lean ground beef
  • 2 cups diced potatoes (about 1 large potato)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon salt (add additional salt to taste)


  1. Heat about 2 tablespoons of oil in a large skillet. Add diced potatoes (about 1/4 inch cubes) and cook for about 10 mins or until slightly browned and mostly cooked through stirring occasionally.
  2. Add lean ground beef to potatoes and brown, chopping it up into very small pieces and stirring and flipping often (about 10 minutes). (If you use lean ground beef, there is no need to drain – be sure to cook meat with potatoes as it does make a difference in the overall flavor).
  3. Once meat is fully cooked, turn off burner and add about a 1/2 tsp of salt and stir in with spatula. Add more salt to taste if desired. Serve with salted white rice and veggies.